Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why the Pink Room?

Yes, there really is a pink room! When we moved into our house, we aquired more sq footage than in our previous home. I was able to have my very own crafting space! What a treat! Over the past 6 years it has evolved into a crafting/reading/sewing/knitting/scrapping and so much more room! I did not intentionally set out to have a pink room but it sort of just happened along the way. (and the abundance of pink keeps the guys out!) I know that I am blessed to have this space and love to spend time here. I am always keeping my eyes open for pink 'stuff' and as you can see, the pink is threatening to burst out of it's seams!
These are just a few pictures of my stuff! When/if the room gets cleaned up (LOL!) I will take some 'room' shots for you.
(When I left England over 20 years ago, I came with just one suitcase. Perhaps I am 're-stocking'!)


Kathy said...

Why not a pink room? Sounds great to me and I would love to visit your pink room sometime. I love your angels too.

Princess Of Pink said...

As you have seen, I LOVE PINK too. LOL!!
That is why my nickname is Princess Of Pink (given to me by my Brother In Law, now he has a new one for me BTW :D)

Hugs from Marian/Dutchy from MJF

Shanda said...

Hello there, so very nice to meet you. I too am working on a pink craft room. I need to finish so I can start some of my organization. I have to much stuff. Nice visiting with you,