Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's with the chickens!

Is it me or are there more chicken keepers out there? And what is the correct name for a chicken keeper/tender/protector? Strangest thing but I'm discovering chickens in the most unlikely places.
I spend a lot of time on Maryjane's Farmgirl Forum and of course there are lots of Farmgirls who keep chickens so I'm used to reading about chickens there. And many of my favorite blogs contain a little "chook" somewhere in the mix.
Yesterday I dropped off some clothing alterations and the lady had chickens and gifted me a dozen free range eggs in lovely colors. I have never seen a pale green egg that wasn't dyed! I stop by to visit my friend Bonnie and yep, she has chickens all busy scratching around and digging up grubs. Oh and then my friend Karen calls me the other day and we're just catching up and chatting and I'm "listening between the lines" and yep...she has chickens too!
I would love to have chickens but can only imagine the hard work taking care of poultry of which I know nothing about, but it must be very satisfing to discover eggs nestled in straw just waiting for you. So much more "homey" than grabbing a styrofoam tray off the grocery store shelf and I bet free range eggs from happy chickens taste better than "those other's"
But for now, I will just enjoy the random meetings of chickens & chooks in blogland and just around the corner