Tuesday, July 23, 2013

SEWN-Paper "fabric"

There is something very satisfying about sewing paper. Not that I will never sew fabric again but with the right needle (denim, heavy duty) and bright thread, this could/has become addictive.

This week's project was taking more of our painted papers. Cut them into strips, piece together, cut again (and again if you want) and create a beautiful piece of patchwork.

 Yes, you can take this one step further and cut to your hexagons and piece as a lovely flower. But I have to admit, I'm enjoying this big piece of loveliness hanging in my window.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

SEWN Pattern Portfolio

Part 1 of SEWN is done and what fun. My pattern portfolio is finished and i have LOTS of papers still to make more.
I chose to use a manila folder as my book cover. (Why? Well, I love folders and it was the perfect size)
Spent some time selecting that papers that would live happily together, and using a hexagon template provided my Mary Ann, I chopped away. Using a glue stick (a cheap one, not too strong) I dabbed a it of glue in the middle of each hexie and created my final design. (The pieces are sewn to the cover stock so you only need to keep them in place with the glue-don't use a ton because you might gum up the sewing machine needle)

And here is the inside cover. No, I'm not going to cover it with anything. Will just sign and date. I like to see all those zig-zags. (great excuse to use fun colors in your bobbin too!)

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday SEWN

Painting continues in the Pink Room. Acrylic(Craft) paint on sketch paper, vellum & watercolor paper and watercolor paint on anything! I'm still disciplining myself to use a certain palette of colors. That is more of a challenge for me than anything else.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

There and back again.

The blog has languished and waited for me. And I'm asked every week if I'm still blogging. Well yes, but not as often as I might like. But then, I'm doing and not blogging.  painting, and sewing and all the other things that one does when one is not blogging.
This is where I will be for the next 5 weeks.

SEWN from MAM on Vimeo.

This is all consuming. And it's wonderful. Am I a painter? Oh yes! i am indeed! An artist even? Absolutely. Will i get rich from it? Nope. And that's just fine with me. learning to use different mediums, water color, acrylic and such. Ginormous learning curve for moi. Luvin' it.

here are the beginnings of my designs. I'm using colors that are typically not my go-to choices. Can't wait to see how they will all live together!

I'll keep you posted! Thanks for visiting me in the Pink Room.