Saturday, January 31, 2009

Santa Matilde

This is my traveling angel. I made her for a dear friend who lives across the pond. The base is a small clip-board and I embelished it with papers, ribbon, buttons & lace. She took me about two weeks. I would lay all the pieces out and then go back to her every now & again and move pieces around until I was happy with the final design. (Now I know why I keep even the little scraps!)
Amazingly, I posted three times today! Please check out the other two posts below!

All this for $10!

Went to the church thrift shoppe this morning. Needed a little retail therapy! Came home with about 50 doll making magazines, many with patterns, a box of assorted craft supplies, another nice little tin and.....a George Foreman grill (that was only $2!)

I have been thinking about getting a GF grill but really didn't want to spend the money but how can I beat $2! The craft supplies were all jumbled up in a box but I could see the potential and found lots of stuff I can use.

Another Angel!

I've been busy crocheting again! Just participated in a crochet-a-long on MaryJane's Farm. We all made this sweet little angel afghan. I learned how to crochet following a chart which is new to me but I enjoyed it and this was a good project to learn on.
Here is the link to the pattern if you would like it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tea Bag Party Favor

Here is a very simple but sweet party favor. It is not my original idea. I was at a pre-Christmas luncheon and these were the favors. I have taken a lot of pictures but I am hoping they will give you the basic idea.

6" doily, I found these in the new Wilton cake decorating section at Walmart.

Fold in half

Create this little extra fold, do not go past the center. (This creates a "pocket")

Now fold across the middle the other way.

Add some glue along the pocket fold, all the way to the outer edge.

See how it "plumps" it up.

Now you will embelish. I used very inexpensive silk flowers.

The glue dots worked quite well here.

Add the flower and ribbon. (what a pain to tie that little bow!)

And here is your tea-bag party favor.