Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sewing old into new

This morning I had some quality sewing machine time. I have had an idea for a while to use this little vinatge piece I found at a rummage sale for a quarter. I thought it would be nice to match it up with some of the trims I have in my stash.

After selecting the pieces, I pinned them in place. I have decided to make a pillow, but to have the ends open and slip a pretty pillow insert inside that you will be able to see. The top and bottom will be closed.

After pinning, I sewed the strips into place, turning the edges on the sides as you will be able to see that part.Next I attached some lace to use as ties for the sides.

I used a pretty pink gingham to make the pillow insert.

Slipped it in and tied the lace at either and and ta-da. A nice little vintage pillow for "someone special accross the pond"