Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's with the chickens!

Is it me or are there more chicken keepers out there? And what is the correct name for a chicken keeper/tender/protector? Strangest thing but I'm discovering chickens in the most unlikely places.
I spend a lot of time on Maryjane's Farmgirl Forum and of course there are lots of Farmgirls who keep chickens so I'm used to reading about chickens there. And many of my favorite blogs contain a little "chook" somewhere in the mix.
Yesterday I dropped off some clothing alterations and the lady had chickens and gifted me a dozen free range eggs in lovely colors. I have never seen a pale green egg that wasn't dyed! I stop by to visit my friend Bonnie and yep, she has chickens all busy scratching around and digging up grubs. Oh and then my friend Karen calls me the other day and we're just catching up and chatting and I'm "listening between the lines" and yep...she has chickens too!
I would love to have chickens but can only imagine the hard work taking care of poultry of which I know nothing about, but it must be very satisfing to discover eggs nestled in straw just waiting for you. So much more "homey" than grabbing a styrofoam tray off the grocery store shelf and I bet free range eggs from happy chickens taste better than "those other's"
But for now, I will just enjoy the random meetings of chickens & chooks in blogland and just around the corner


K Lynn Palmer said...

Too funny! Perhaps chicken keepers are poultry people? I should know the answer but in all my research I don't recall that being mentioned. My girls are still coming quickly to me when called. They are traveling up and down the stairs so sometimes when we come out the door- they surprise us! Can't wait for the eggs...they owe me big.

Patty said...

there is a huge movement in the urban areas for keeping chickens in your back yard so there are more and more chicken keepers out there. We have had chickens for over 20 years and they are pretty easy to keep and yes, very rewarding to find eggs in the nest box each day

Maureen said...

Just stopped by because you left a comment on my blog...thanks for visiting! And actually, chickens are fairly easy to raise if you have the room. The hardest part is keeping them out of the garden when they 'free range' because they are like little rototillers when it comes to freshly turned soil....they dig more than our dogs :)

Oh, and I need to tell you how much I love your knitted dishcloths. I took up knitting last year and I am loving making scarfs, dishcloths, and fingerless gloves. Maybe someday a sweater?

I shall return!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The beautiful pale colored eggs are from Aracauna chickens. I don't keep chickens, the dogs won't let me or, at least, that's my excuse but I do buy eggs from friends who keep a lot of chickens.
Thank you for visiting Thistle Cove Farm; it led me to Pink Room Ponderings and I'm loving my visit. Your blog is beautiful and very visual, allowing me to enjoy my time spent with you.
No follower button on your blog? I want to follow -smile-.

Shari said...

Finding chickens everywhere you turn? Maybe something is whispering in your ear "Hey Angie, you need chickens!" I bet you would love them - they are such funny creatures. Once you get them some good, secure housing, the rest is pretty easy! And the eggs! So much better tasting and healthier for you than the grocery store eggs.

I'm so glad to have found you here. You have a beautiful blog. I'll be back!