Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost Friday

Good morning! Ah, the original "I'm going to post daily" goal has most obviously flown out the window but not from lack of trying I might add! I am gradually learning all the tricks of the trade so hope you will bare (bear?) with me.
This week I received my summer swap box from the Maryjanes farm swap. So much fun! We had to create 10 'summer' themed items, mail to the swap mom and we received a box back of 10 different summer items. Here is a picture of my outgoing and incoming boxes!
I really enjoy swaps but try to only participate in one at a time unless the deadlines are far apart. it is very easy to sign up all over the place and then realize that you do work full time and only have 24 hrs in the day (some of which are designated for sleeping!)
I am looking forward to the weekend, my goal is to post here, post on other's sites and add my favorite blog list here.
(We'll see....)

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