Thursday, August 7, 2008

In The Garden

This year I bought myself an inexpensive digital camera and have so enjoyed taking pictures. I have found that when you view life through the camera lense, it takes on a whole new look.

My garden this year got away from me. It's time to divide the perennials so that they can bloom again. I was becoming a bit despondent that it all looked so 'blousy' and then I went out and started taking pictures. Looking at the whole back-yard is overwhelming but when viewed through a camera, I could see there is still hope!
These "Lamb's Ears" were taking over and I was ready to rip them all out. But...they seem to have a place too!


Tonja said...

Hey Ang! Your Site is great! Way to go. Enjoy your weekend.


BritChickNY said...

Why thank-you! Now you know what I do until the wee hours when I should be sleeping!