Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good for a giggle

Okay, solved the mystery of the crunching sound and thought I would share this so that any of you bloggers who like to add all the 'extras' don;t have this happen to you.

I assumed the the sound was linked to my playlist. Boy, I spent hours trying to diagnose the sound. E-mailed every techi I know and probably some I don't! Anyhoo....finally deleted the playlist but next time i was on my blog, there it was again! Wellll.....ummmm. when you 'adopt' one of those cute little animals to add as a widget, well, they have to eat right! yes, and they crunch very loudly!!! So.......if you decide to 'adopt' a widget pet, it might make some noises that you least expect. Needless to say, Lambkins is toast (or should I say Lamb Chops)

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