Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Catch Up

Nope, didn't fall off the face of the earth, busy making a mess in the Pink Room! (AKA Creative mayhem!) So, here are a just a few pix to show you what's been goin' on. (Oh, and this is just a fraction)

Finally finished an afghan for The Linus Project-took me ages because I seem to get distracted by other projects-imagine that.

Quickie weekend project, book bag for a friend. So much prettier than a zip-loc don't you think!

Sweet book written by my friend Chris. Knowing the author added something special to this read for me. It can be found HERE

Altered tags for the Comfort Dolls using tea dyed paper. (Below)

Look what a difference a couple of hours drowning in tea will do for you!

ROLODEX SWAP at Splitcoast. These are the ones I sent, can't wait to get the swapper's back!

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Roxy said...

very cool! and i like your new layout too!