Saturday, October 30, 2010

Art Journaling

As if there are not enough ways to create, I have now stumbled upon the world of Art Journals & Junque Journals.Don't go there unless you want to see the most amazing expressions of art in all it's forms & of journaling! Trust me, just Google it, YouTube it, get comfortable and enjoy.
Here is my very first Art Journal page. (Using materials that I already had on hand no less!)
This is a very different act of creating, not as structured as my sewing or my crochet & knitting and a new process for me.
If I don't draw or paint ("realistically") am I still an artist?
There are many types of books you can use as your journal. I'm using a composition note-book. I found that idea when looking at Junque Journals. Large sketchbooks seem to be the fave but i like the sturdiness of the comp. so am good with that for my first book. I've gone through and gesso's many pages prior to creating a page, other pages have scrapbook papers adhered to them. This adds some weight to the pages. This particular page has a cut up Manila folder with a tab on it.That is the base. (Oh, and that "doodle thingy" in the middle? That's a Zentangle.(Google that one too!) Another page has a paper bag on it. No idea how that one will evolve but I have no doubt that inspiration will hit! (probably at 2 in the morning!)