Saturday, September 6, 2008

Crafty friends

These are some beautiful gifts I received from new friends Mary & Kristin in Florida. Aren't they just lovely! Check out the cheese box! Yes, the base is a round cheese box and Mary made this beautiful top for it. If you look real close, you will see all the pieces that went into making this. I was so thrilled to add it to my collection of special hand-crafted keepsakes ! Now, not only does Mary make these boxes and is a painter but also a jewelry maker! Kristin is following in Mom's footsteps and creates very pretty pieces, she has a real eye for color and design. Look at this lovely jewelry that also came home with me!
(Oh...and imagine this!!! The jewelry is pink!)
Hugs to Mary & Kristin.

1 comment:

Princess Of Pink said...

OH I love that necklace, lol!
Love the pretty color Pink, yay11

And the box is awesome, what a lot of work she put into that.

Hugs from the "other Pink lover" Marian/Dutchy from MJF