Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dolly Make Over

I'm still making the Comfort Dolls but have been trying different styles of body, dress & hair. Here is new one that I just finished. Her dress is actually closed at the bottom and lightly stuffed. I'm think about adding a little Lavender to these. Also, her hair was trimmed and "styled" although once in a while I imagine I will create one of my original "wild girls" These dolls do not have legs which to be honest makes them much easier to stuff/turn and I believe are finshed better. The original ones had a slit cut in the back to turn them right side out and once stuffed you would sew up the slit but it looked like they'd had major back surgery.! And perhaps I will add a little buton where her dress gathers at the front.
Hope you like her.

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Roxy said...

She's adorable!