Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thrifting finds

In my usual blogging fashion I am playing catch up and no doubt breaking every blogging rule by mixing topics. Eh, whatever....It's either now or never!
So, 'tis the rummage sale season. I am so thrilled that so many of the churches start their sales at 8 instead of 9. That way I can sneak in before work on Fridays!So much fun. so little time but boy, I have been finding some great buys. Found tons of stuff for the Creative Workshops, I probably won't have to go to Joann's in quite some time! Fabrics, yarn, scrap-booking supplies and a candle making kit that was only a dollar! Oh, and check out this great big jar for my buttons! I wonder how mnay buttons it will hold? It is about 10-12 inches tall. (And it was also only a dollar!)
I don't usually look for purses, I am a one purse suits all kinda gal but this vintage Margaret Smith caught my eye. It appears to be unused and again, a buck. Isn't it pretty? This will go with the bird one that I have had for years.

While not rummaging, and not traveleing to Fl to take Adam back for the summer (sob) I am still putting together more Comfort Dolls. It's a bit like an assembly line as I will spend one evning making dresses, another evening making bodies and then hair.
Here are some "parts & pieces"

Oh, here is a picture of the decoupage candle jar that we made at the first Creative Workshop. The picture does not do it justice but all of the jars were very pretty and look lovely with a candle in them. I bought some battery candles from the dollar store that work great for these and of course are much safer than a real candle. Next workshop we will be making fabric covered photo albums. (I will post a picture later)

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those are some great finds! Love that flowered bag--and I'm a one-bag type too (mine is a $4 Coach bag from someone's driveway!).