Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thrifting & Crafting

Hello there! Hope you didn't think I had fallen off the face of the earth! Thought it was about time I posted although you will notice that I have been doing "maintenance'"on my blog ;ie some nice sparkly seasonal pix and holiday music. On the topic of the music, I am always looking for new tunes to check out, so tell me what your favorites are and maybe I can add them to the blog music.

Okay, of course I have several UFO's on the go at once and I am resolved to the fact that when you are a crafter that is just the way it will be!

Still working on making yo-yo's, that's one of those sit in front of the TV crafts that doesn't tax the brain too much! Here are just a few of them. I made some & some were sent to me as part of a Farmgirl swap. There are a few really tiny ones in there about the size of a nickel. I might sew them onto holiday towels, glue onto baskets, make into pillows or perhaps just display in jars.

Today I did a quick little craft, an altered clip-board. I enjoy these as it's a great way to use up the scraps left from other projects. This will be for one of the ladies at the Women's Aglow group.It's nice to send someone home with a surprise. I hope she likes it.

This little child's rocking chair has been patiently waiting for me since I picked it up for $5 at the flea market. Finally finished the new cushion and back for it. After the winter (when we are not usinf the fireplace) I will sit it next to the fireplace.

Let's see, oh, a quick visit to the rummage sale this morning. Just a few gift basket trims and also discovered a sweet little doll. I think she does have a funny expression on her face but I love the colors she is wearing and orange pom-poms on her toes!

And last but not least an English bone china cup & saucer. (one can never have too many of those)

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures and I promise to be back soon!



Deby said...

Angie, So very nice to have you back!!! Looks like you've been busy, I must say! Beautiful work! I admire your creativity! See you in church!

Etta said...

I agree with you 100%, one can never have too many tea cups. I keep telling my husband that you cannot have a collection with just one. He finally got it and now I usually get a new teapot or teacup (or maybe 2) each year. I love that man!


Love the tea cup. I can't imagine the refined ladies of Jane Austin drinking out of my tea MUG--with a side pocket for the tea bag...I enjoyed visiting your blog. Very pretty eye candy!!!